Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Love, Loving, Beloved!

Today we celebrated a "Resurrection" Mass for a Sister who died a few days ago. This woman religious was full of Jesus, as I and so many others experienced her!  Joy radiated from her very being, no matter what! There is the saying: "So and so did not have a mean bone in his/her body."  I spoke to a the niece of this Sister this morning and she stated her experience of her Aunt, saying: "She did not have any evil in her." At times she was made fun of or spoken to harshly and her friends wanted to return the abuse.  Sister would say: "No; love that person!"

When others interact with us, do they leave us feeling blessed as persons did when they met this Sister?  If not, why not? If "yes," what graces has God given you/me to be a source of blessing to those with whom we live and work, pray and play and give the fullness of life to while  we are on our way to our heavenly home, as she was?

Lord, take possession of our beings, as You did of this Sister. Like her, may each of us be so inundated with You,    being one with the Trinity as each of You is one with each other as lovers, as loving and sharers of your love with every human person here on earth and in heaven above, so that we exude your Love with every one we meet, even those who are harsh with us! As with this Sister, may our response  to those who "trespass against us" be: "Love that person!"

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